Times and policies have changed when it comes to health and safety. Gone are the days that construction workers would work at great heights without any safety equipment. Now there are safety schemes to improve the health and safety standards across the UK. The CHAS accreditation scheme was created for this very reason and we can proudly say we are registered with the scheme.

What is the CHAS scheme

The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme is a scheme that endeavours to provide support to both suppliers and the buying party in the assessment of health and safety. This assurance is very important in all industries supported by the scheme as the company registered can then give proof of their health and safety standards. This is vital for companies in our industry because it provides the assurance that we can deliver all of our renovations to the customer safely. The scheme also helps customers reduce the lengthy process of assessing contractor’s health and safety standards individually. The assessment provides annual health and safety assessments to ensure that our company is working in the safest possible environment.Going forward, being registered with CHAS will help us to set goals for improving our company’s health and safety and to make sure we meet those goals. Our regular customers know that we have always taken health and safety extremely seriously– new customers now have a quick way to check our health and safety credential.

Green Achiever Registered

We have recently been awarded 4 star status in the ‘self-assessed’ stage with the Green Achiever Company in a move to identify and improve our carbon and environmental footprint. In the current climate, the public are becoming increasingly vocal about how they would like to reduce carbon emissions and use environmentally friendly products. At CDS we have taken all of this on board and are now working alongside the Green Achiever Company to develop our environmental policy and ways in which we can reduce our own company carbon footprint.


As the UK’s largest trade and employers’ Association in the painting and decorating industry, the PDA has members across the length and breadth of the country, and has been committed to encouraging best practice across the industry since 1894.Being a member of the PDA distinguishes professional businesses from the crowd as we adhere to the PDA Code of Practice which demonstrates our commitment to professional, quality workmanship and fair practice throughout our business activities.