They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but often the first thing you notice about a place is the aesthetics—and because aesthetics create the first connection people have with your workspace, it’s important that it makes the right impression.

After an initial site meeting and inspection, we will draft a proposal for you which highlights the most practical way to carry out your project and what the best solution will be. We use a variety of different methods to ensure the best application—whether it’s a standard brush and roller set up, or our airless sprayers. We’ll analyse the area to ensure that the solution you receive is tailored to your requirements, making the process as simple as possible for you and your business.

Because first impressions count

The commercial sector is a competitive market and as a result, you don’t just want a first impression that impresses your guests. You want it to stand out from your competitors, too. Creating a space which is fresh, clean and eye-catching yet still on-brand, can achieve this. Creating a sense of excitement and helping to reinforce the customer’s decision to purchase from you.

Improve weathered facades

The weather in England is famously unpredictable—to the point of being the punchline of numerous jokes. The inconsistency in temperatures, humidity and rainfall, can create increased vulnerabilities to masonry, timber and metal—leaving buildings looking tired or damaged. The good news is that most weather-damage is cosmetic, and with the right preparation and procedures, can be rectified in a short space of time. However, if you are looking to have structural damage fixed, we can help with that too. Ensuring previous damage is fixed and that moving forward, your external surfaces are protected for years to come.

Give a new lease of life to an existing space

Having a tired-looking space can impact how people feel in it, whether that’s your employees, clients, customers or children attending school. By refreshing how the space looks, you can change how it feels and help re-energise those who work within it.

Increase your output

If your working environment looks tired and dated, it tends to feel that way to those who work within it too. The right environment can not only make an impact aesthetically and increase credibility, but it can change mindsets, boost morale and improve performance and productivity.

Protect your property

Wear and tear, high-traffic areas, and children who like to get creative on the walls can all affect how a business looks. By taking care of a property with minor maintenance now, you can help to protect it from needing larger jobs further down the line. We only use the highest quality paints and most durable products, to help protect your walls for years to come.

Why choose Complete Decor Solutions

We work discreetly

There’s nothing worse than walking into a place and being unable to hear or find your way due to renovation works. But that’s not how we operate. We understand that shutting down your business for redecoration works isn’t always possible, or financially viable. Which is why we’ve perfected our process to be as efficient as possible, ensuring that work in high-traffic areas can be carried out with minimal disruption to your operations.

We operate with safety at the forefront

At CDS, safety is paramount and therefore is something we maintain at all times—from construction through to customer service. Our staff are IPAF trained and qualified, which enables them to work and operate cherry pickers and scissor lifts when scaffolding is unable to be used. In addition to this, all staff who work in areas frequented or occupied by vulnerable people, such as schools, nurseries, colleges, care homes and hospitals, have been DBS vetted before being allowed on site.

We're available around the clock

You can’t always control when things go wrong, but when working with us, you can choose when they’re made right. We understand that your workplace may not be able to shut during a project, which is why we pride ourselves on offering a flexible service which also operates during evenings, nights and weekends—ensuring that we can accommodate your needs with minimal disruption.

Types of properties we work on

Due to the specialised requirements in medical settings, we know that painting finishes need to be hygienic and able to withstand vigorous cleaning regimes. Because of this, we use Johnstones Microbarr Anti-Bacterial paint, which has been tested and came out as one of the best paint solutions in the market. It’s available in a full-colour spectrum, withholds vigorous cleaning and will withstand discolouration for numerous years—ensuring that hospitals, practices and clinics can remain safe and pleasant spaces for staff and visitors.

Types of medical practices we work in include: Hospital wardsAccident and EmergencyCommunal areasGP SurgeriesNHS BuildingsDentistsClinicsPharmaciesCare homes

When working in areas frequented by vulnerable people, it’s vital to have a team you can trust. All staff who operate in spaces such as these will have been DBS checked prior to being onsite. 

Types of education facilities we work in include: NurseriesPrimary schoolsInfant schoolsSecondary schoolsPrivate schoolsCollegesUniversities

So that spaces are curated to suit the environment and elevate how visitors feel within them. Whether that's by creating a spacious shopping environment, a comfortable hotel suite, or a dramatic and inspiring hotel lobby.

In addition to this, we also specialise in transforming external facades and giving a new lease of life to internal spaces in: Offices and WorkspacesRestaurants and BarsRetail OutletsHotels